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The Paddock Vac has proven its diversity and versatility in a wide range of uses?

The Paddock Vac was created as a paddock grooming machine for horse and alpaca paddocks. Customers of Greystone Vacuums quickly found other uses for the Paddock Vac and reported them to Greystone Vacuums. Paddock Vac owners have used their Paddock Vac in place of a rake and wheelbarrow to clean their yard, pick up leaves and keep gardens clean and free of debris. Construction clean up crews are also using the Paddock Vac for easy clean up in building sites. The Paddock Vac is even being used to collect walnuts, macadamias and other nuts! Just think what you can do with a Graystone Vacuums Paddock Vac!

Pasture Vacuums

Authorized USA Dealer of the Greystone Paddock Vac and Maxi Vac

PastureVacuums.com is located in Central Florida, in a climate where the true benefits of owning a Paddock Vac are profound. First and foremost, PastureVacuums.com is owned and managed by real horse people that understand the importance of maintaining a clean, healthy and safe pasture for horses. Owning a horse stable in Florida opens your eyes to the risk involved with having an unsanitary horse pasture. Florida pasture management is of utmost importance to control horse flies, bugs that live on horses and bacteria from horse manure. After greatly benefiting from the personal use of a Paddock Vac, Pasture Vacuums became an authorized dealer of the official Greystone Vacuums Paddock Vac.

The Paddock Vac and the Maxi Vac

"A Necessity, not a Luxury"

The Paddock Vac originated in Australia at Greystone Vacuums in 2005. Greystone Vacuums Paddock Vac swept Australia and became noted as "a necessity, not a luxury" by the Australian horse industry. Greystone Vacuums opened distribution of the Paddock Vac to New Zealand, Europe and The United States. A Paddock Vac manufacturing plant was opened in Nevada, December of 2006. The Greystone Vacuums Paddock Vac was adapted with new wheels and modified engines for American customers, due to strict US Emission Control Laws.

PastureVacuums.com strives to provide superior customer service and our staff members are available to help you with your purchase and answer any questions about the Greystone Vacuums Paddock Vac.


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