Thank you!

Morning Juliana,

I've picked up horse manure, dog manure, and leaves! It makes cleaning water buckets a breeze as well as the big water troughs! I can't believe how well the suction works and the handles on the hose makes it very comfortable to handle. In the pasture, it's easy to maneuver around the trees making it a breeze to hit those places that are normally troublesome. The horses aren't bothered by the pasturevac and it definitely cuts cleaning time in half. The best part is that now when I'm finished cleaning my back actually feels GOOD!

Thank you again for picking us as the contest winner.

Snickers & Jody

Essay Winner

My owner, Jody, has had me since conception. She owned and showed my mother and father. I feel I know her better than anyone so here are my horse thoughts….

Life at Horseshoe Ranch

I shall begin with stating that my reasons for submitting this essay are somewhat selfish which I will explain later.

My owner is committed to caring for horses! At the ranch, we may have 20-30 head of horses, ponies, and miniatures at any given time.

She doesn’t classify her ranch as a place for homeless equines but as I look at my stablemates I often think different.

Many of my stablemates are retired circus and show horses. Some of them were headed towards horse heaven as their previous owners were unable to care for them for one reason or another.

Need I say, my owner has a huge heart! Through the years, I’ve watched her bring home numerous equines with a variety of problems. Some were so sore that they could hardly walk to their food or water. Others had emotional problems that their owners couldn’t understand. We’ve had some that were so thin you could count every rib on their body. We even had one that was totally blind!

Little did they know that their lives were about to change as they entered her TLC Program. She would always begin with a complete health check. A health check started with each equine receiving vaccines, deworming, farrier and dental work. She would individually examine each equine and decide what was needed to extend their life in a way that would give them quality for their remaining years.

The feed program is based on each horse’s individual needs. We are fed three times a day (hint, hint, - lots of manure). Our drinking water is filtered as it comes directly from her house. Our stalls are cleaned daily and our pastures picked weekly. We have free access to mineral and salt blocks. We always have ample exercise and shelter to be free from any bad weather.

We are routinely groomed and bathed. She is always picking out our feet to make sure we haven’t picked up any rocks. She keeps medication on hand but she always has the vet’s number handy if we need professional medical attention.

She knows each horse’s personality and she is always careful which horses she turns out together (she knows the ponies irritate the heck out of me so she never turns them in my pasture). Life couldn’t be any better for us at Horseshoe Ranch.

Enough about us …

Jody had back surgery 13 years ago. She had a herniated disc. The doctor said the surgery was successful but I do notice that at times she looks like she is in pain. You know when you can look at a human and just know that something isn’t right!!!

It’s been years since I’ve seen her carry a whole bale of hay at once. She now carries a few flakes at a time. She scoops our feed in individual buckets and then gives it to us individually. It looks like more work to me but I guess it’s easier on her back not having to lift those 50 LB bags of feed. I watch her clean our stalls and pastures and I know that it must be hard on her back. I often wonder why she doesn’t hire some one to do the heavy work but I once heard her say that she likes to do her own feeding and cleaning. She said that way she could be on top of a problem if someone wasn’t eating or going to the bathroom. Meanwhile, her back is getting the raw end of the deal! I would love to see her win the Pasture Vacuum!

I believe it would make her chores a lot easier on her old body (please don’t tell her I called her OLD). Selfish as it may be, I would like to see her stick around as long as possible. Her entire life is devoted to our care and well being. She has given us a wonderful and carefree life. Please consider, my owner, Jody Campbell to win the Pasture Vacuum Sweepstakes.

Happy Neighs To You,


Cisco, Darby, Phoenix,
Frankie, Mo, Barnie,
Ballie, Annie, Arnie,
Ali, Tango, Cosmo,
Dillon, Cody, Snipper,
Cash, Joy, Prince,
Ace, Ritchie, Pie,
Chicaro, George, Gabby,
Bart, Justin.
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