Did you know...

A paddock vacuum can eliminate the need for a manure stall fork?

Paddock vacuums are so efficient and easy to use, that many customers retire their manure stall forks! A paddock vacuum has the same powerful suction on both wet and dry applications and will make wet spots disappear and pick up horse manure while leaving most bedding. No more sifting, no more manure stall forks and no more back breaking work! A paddock vacuum puts an end to dreadful barn duties!


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not on our list of frequently asked questions, please email us and we will answer your question and add it to our site!

What can a paddock vacuum be used for?

Paddock vacuums can be used for most clean up jobs that would require the use of a rake, broom or shovel and a wheelbarrow. Paddock vacuums are most commonly used for cleaning alpaca and horse manure from paddocks, pastures and stalls, removing dead leaves, cleaning gardens and nurseries, construction cleanup and harvesting nuts! Please let us know what you are doing with your paddock vacuum. The possibilities are endless!

Can I use a paddock vacuum to clean stalls?

Yes, both the Paddock Vac and Maxi Vac can be used to clean stalls with a minimal loss of shavings. While using a Paddock Vacuum in place of a manure stall fork, you will watch wet spots disappear in seconds!

Will a paddock vacuum pick up manure from long grass?

Yes, Greystone Paddock Vacuums are designed to keep their power and suction in any length of grass.

Can I pick up fresh manure with a paddock vacuum?

Yes, paddock vacuums can pick up new manure or old manure with ease. The paddock vacuum can be easily rinsed clean by vacuuming water through the hose.

How do I empty the paddock vacuum?

A paddock vacuum is very quick and easy to empty. Effortlessly undo the clips on the rear door and tip it over! The paddock vaccume can remain attached to your towing vehicle the entire time.

Is a paddock vacuum hard to get started?

No, the paddock vacuum engine is very simple to start with a "light" pull.

How long can a paddock vacuum run on one tank of fuel?

The paddock vacuum will run for 1-3 hours depending on the engine revs you are using.

Can I remain seated on my vehicle while using the paddock vaccum?

Yes, the paddock vacuum is designed to tow behind an ATV, Mule, golf cart or riding lawn mower and can be used efficiently without getting off of your towing vehicle.

Will I damage the paddock vacuum if I accidentally pick up debris?

No damage will be done to the motor because it is out of harms way. However, sharp objects can pierce the hose, so try to avoid large pieces of glass, metal and other sharp objects.

How do I purchase spare parts?

Please contact us if you need spare parts for your paddock vacuum and they will be shipped to you from our Australian or American warehouses.

Where should I take my paddock vacuum if the motor needs service?

If your paddock vacuum's motor needs to be serviced or repaired contact your local Honda or Kawasaki dealership or repair center. They will be able to asses the motor and make any necessary repairs.

Do paddock vacuums come with a guarantee?

Paddock vacuums, including the motors, come with a 1 year warranty which covers faulty parts and workmanship. Normal wear and tear or misusing the paddock vacuum is not covered with the warranty.

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