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Composting horse manure for fertilizer could make national impact on the horse industry worth over $370 million dollars?

Composting horse manure for fertilizer and horse manure composting could bring an additional $370 million dollars or more to the horse industry each year. According The American Horse Council, the current horse population in the United States is over 9.2 million horses. If all US horse owners began composting horse manure for fertilizer, the direct economic impact of the horse industry on the USA would raise by nearly 1% annually. Composting horse manure to be used as horse manure fertilizer is an untapped goldmine that could raise the horse industry earnings dramatically. Instead of asking yourself how to spread horse manure the easy way, you may want to ask yourself how to compost horse manure for fertilizer. A pasture vacuum is the best alternative for collecting horse manure for composting into fertilizer. it sure beats a stall fork!







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