Just a quick note to let you know that I loooove my arena rake! I have a mix
of wood chip and rubber so it is quite light weight and moves around the
arena with use and wind. The edger is such a fantastic feature and saves
my back which I rejoice in every time I use it.
I used the rake a couple of times before we had a heavy downpour a couple of days after I received it and there was not a sign of a water track on the
arena or any movement of the surface. I was able to put it together using your easy instructions and it is tucked away after use to keep it shiny and new as suggested.
Thanks again.
Toolern Vale, Vic

I recently purchased the Arena Rake, it has improved my Dressage Arena 100%. As a Dressage Coach it is essential that I have a smooth/level arena surface for my clients and also my own Dressage horses.
The Arena Rake is easy to use, it fills in the outer tracks and levels the corners, which in the past have been a nightmare to rake by hand!
I have two Dressage Arena’s – river sand and also a woodchip/sawdust mix. The Arena Rake does an excellent job of grading and levelling both types of surface.
I highly recommend the Arena Rake, it is simple to use and female friendly!
Alison L,
N.C.A.S Level 2 Coach, B.H.S.A.I
Henley Brook Dressage Centre,

We recentlypurchased a Greystone Arena Rake. On first use it easily evened out significant tractor ruts caused by moving sand around our arena. With only two passes of the rake a very professional finish of the arena surface was achieved. The surface presented very well the next day for the Dressage Clinic sponsored by the Hanoverian Society of Australia. It was very satisfying to see our arena being enjoyed by other riders.
I’m very pleased with the results achieved and am currently discussing with David from Greystone possible adjustments which could be made to the design to improve it even more.
Trevor C,
New World Warmbloods,
Torryburn, NSW


Let me start by letting you know how very annoyed I am with Greystone for not coming up with this rake YEARS AGO!!!!!!
It arrived on Wednesday last week and as I am not the most patient of people, I couldn’t wait for my husband to get home – I assembled it straight away. Easy, less than an hour with the help of 1x spanner and 1x multigrips.
For 20 years I have risked life and limb, fingers and toes putting a grader blade onto our tractor to groom the arena, often putting the job off as it was just too hard. So it was utter joy to dump the blade off the tractor and put on the Greystone Arena Rake.
It is so rare in these times to find something that meets expectations, but to purchase something that exceeded our expectations like your product has – Exceptional!
1. It went together exactly as per the instructions – 1st time.
2. Setting the desired level took moments and so very simple to do.
3. Grooming the arena takes 10 minutes, not hours. The added bonus of saving valuable time and much less fuel used.
4. The Greystone Rake is so light, especially compared to the grader blade, therefore much less wear and tear on the tractor.
5. The effect of the Rake on the arena was immediately apparent.
6. Incredibly easy to use and far superior to previous method. (Warning – it may become addictive to groom arena!)
So, when my husband saw your Rake down at Dressage with the Stars 09 and announced to me that purchasing the Rake would be the best money ever spent at a horse competition – I rolled my eyes and said, “we’ll see”.
But I am very willing to admit in writing (this once) that HE WAS RIGHT!

Well done Greystone Team, I look forward to many happy years using your Rake.


We'd love to hear from you!

We love to hear what you think of the Greystone Vacuums Paddock Vac! Please email us and let us know the difference a Greystone Paddock Vac has made in your paddock, pasture or stall cleaning regiment. We will add your comments and photos to this page!


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Customer Comments

Morning Juliana,
I've picked up horse manure, dog manure, and leaves! It makes cleaning water buckets a breeze as well as the big water troughs! I can't believe how well the suction works and the handles on the hose makes it very comfortable to handle. In the pasture, it's easy to maneuver around the trees making it a breeze to hit those places that are normally troublesome. The horses aren't bothered by the pasturevac and it definitely cuts cleaning time in half. The best part is that now when I'm finished cleaning my back actually feels GOOD!
Thank you again for picking us as the contest winner.
Snickers & Jody

Juliana and Gary,

As you know, we purchased a Greystone pasture vacuum for our alpaca farm several months ago. Prior to seeing the Greystone vacuum, we had looked at many 'similar' vacuum machines and found none of them suitable. Pastures are founded on sand in Florida and sand usually wears away the bearings and/or the motor of such devices when sucked up with the detritus. Not so with the Greystone machines.

We have approximately 4 acres of pasture that we clean every day. The pasture vac is so efficient and easy to handle that we now get the cleaning done in one-third of the time that it used to take. Not only that, but it does a better job than raking and scooping,

A big benefit is also that it removes those parasites that live and breed in the fecal deposits. The vacuum is so strong that it sucks up everything - parasites and all! Thus, the alpaca do not ingest the parasites, the eggs, or the larvae, and so are less likely to become inhabited by nasty worms such as Haemonchus Contortus, which is a perennial deadly nuisance here in Florida.

Please feel free to use this testimony in any way you choose and do not hesitate to give our name and phone number to anyone considering buying a Greystone pasture vac.

Gordon and Gillian Ratcliff
Classic Alpacas, Dunnellon, Florida.

As soon as I saw the advertisement for the Paddock Vac, I knew I had to have one. I bought it without a demo and have had no regrets whatsoever. It saves me a heap of time, is easy on my back and best of all my 8 and 10 year olds can use it. The after sales service has been excellent. Brian has been most approachable and I recommend Greystone Vacuums without hesitation. -Nicole

We recently bought a Greystone Paddock Vac and are more than satisfied with it. We breed alpacas on a small farm so keeping our paddocks clean is a priority. This machine makes a tedious job effortless and so quick in comparison to every other means of cleaning up we've used in the past. Wet, dry, or compacted, the Paddock Vac picks up all the droppins with ease. We would highly recommend the Greystone Paddock Vac.
Allister and Claire Perry

Over the weekend we had the "maiden voyage" of our Yard Vac and are absolutely thrilled with it. We tried it on leaves and it was excellent, so next it was down to the alpacas' paddock. Frankley, we were amazed at just how efficiently it worked and also just how easy the machine is to handle and move around the area. I also found the hose very easy to use, not at all cumbersome as I had feared and using it is a dream. It is also very easy to start, a blessing for the more elderly users! -Felicity

What a fantastic machine the Maxi Vac is. Picking up Chestnut's and the bur's has never been so easy. The concept of the machine is so basic - Why has it taken so long for someone to think of it?? (AND why did an Aussie think of it before a Kiwi!!!!!)

When I purchased my Paddock Vac over a month ago I did have some reservations. Well, this machine exceeded my expectations. Having an old back injury, I would dread having to go and do the pooper scooping - now it's a breeze. With two horses, it takes me just 1-2 hours every 10 days, the suction is tremendous, it scoops a poop from any length of grass- nothing bothers this machine. I would recommend Greystone to anyone!

I am so very impressed with the paddock vacuum. I it so easy to handle in fact my husband put one of those wheels that you can roll up and down and when I want to use it for a quick job I can just hand roll it into the stalls or hallway of the barn




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