Did you know...

A paddock vacuum can eliminate the need for a manure stall fork?

Paddock vacuums are so efficient and easy to use, that many customers retire their manure stall forks! A paddock vacuum has the same powerful suction on both wet and dry applications and will make wet spots disappear and pick up horse manure while leaving most bedding. No more sifting, no more manure stall forks and no more back breaking work! A paddock vacuum puts an end to dreadful barn duties!

Paddock/Maxi Vacs

Pasture Vacuums are not only a luxury to horse owners, they are a necessity! Whether you have three horses or thirty horses, a Pasture Vacuum will greatly reduce the risk of accumulative manure buildup in your pasture or paddock. When you think about the toll 54,000 pounds of horse manure will take on your lush green pasture each year (figured for only three horses), the benefits of owning a Pasture Vacuum are countless!






Maxi Vac

Paddock/Maxi Vacs

Steffan Peters and the Maxi Vac

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